Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Did you ever notice that no one looks happy in an airport? I don't do a lot of flying but during my last several sojourns through the airport it seemed like everyone there and I mean fellow travellers and employees alike were miserable.

Travellers are petulant because airlines have cut back flights and services. Planes never seem to be on time (Jet Blue). Employees are cantankerous because they're tired of dealing with cranky passengers. They didn't make the rules but they have to enforce them.

Once upon a time airports were a friendly place. People were happy to be there. I liked going to the airport and enjoyed seeing the reunions between loved ones and friends as well as the excitement of going on a plane. At our airport you could get into the terminal and go right down to the gate to meet and greet your traveller. Then things gradually changed. You could no longer wander down the terminal but you could wait in the concourse.

Today don't even bother going into the airport, just drop the traveller off at the door. There's no where for you to go. Get your kisses at the curb. But don't linger because the Sheriff will tell you to move on, no loitering. Better make sure your cell phone is charged when returning home because your ride is waiting in the cell phone lot. Give them a jingle, let them know you've arrived (anywhere from 30 minutes to hours late Jet Blue) so they can drive up and fetch you. Don't dilly-dally saying hello because that pesky Sheriff will return and tell you to shove off.

Then there is the TSA and the people that work for it. This was the experience I had with them.
All in all, airports are no longer a fun place. Thank God I don't travel for my job.

Young people today really don't know anything other than all of these rules and regulations. For them it's just the way it is. For those of us who remember how it was in more innocent times it can be frustrating.


Nobody™ said...

I almost never fly, except for our two trips to Las Vegas the previous couple of years. Allegiant Air is pretty good about being on time, the biggest problem is TSA as you mentioned. They aren't bad in the smaller airport we depart from, but at McCarran in Vegas they are just downright mean.

Craze said...

Excellent post. Things really are SO much different now.