Friday, October 03, 2008

I'm not home

Jetblue is winging me away for the weekend to...

New York City
For my 50th birthday my mother, my two sisters and 13 year old niece are going down and it just so happens that my number one baby lives in NYC. While he works in Manhattan, he lives in Astoria, Queens. We won't be staying with him at his apartment but staying in Manhattan at the Grand Hyatt right near Grand Central Terminal. He's going to meet us there and stay the weekend at the hotel.
I'm so happy!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful birthday you will have!!!
I am so happy for you:)

Craze said...

Woohooo!!! Have an awesome time and Happy Birthday!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday and how was the big city?!!!!

SLIDE said...

Your son's girlfriend is a little cutie. He has good taste and I am glad she passed the Mom look over and test. It is like Mom's have a built in check list when it comes to the women we allow her to see. It either thumbs up or thumbs down. No happy medium when it comes to this. I am glad he is happy which is most important. I think the person in security enjoyed your pedicure so much one of your shoes were delayed going through the X-ray machine. I am pleased that you enjoyed New York and of course time with your son.