Friday, April 18, 2008

Warning: A Mom Post

Each of our two sons has an important decision to make in the next week. I'll start with my oldest, Kevin. He graduates from Binghamton University next month with a bachelors from the Decker School of Nursing. When he passes his licensing test he will be an RN. He has two job offers at local hospitals but he went for an interview at New York Presbyterian in NYC this past Monday. Wednesday they called him and offered him the job. It's a nursing job with cardiac patients that are pre and post cath lab. If he takes the job he will start in July. His goal is to become a nurse practitioner which is two more years of schooling. The hospital will pay for that at either Columbia University or New York University. Oh and did I forget, they will start him at over 70k a year. He told them he will let them know by Friday, that he had to discuss it with his parents. My advice to him; do what makes you happy, not what you think we want. I actually want him to take it. If he didn't I wouldn't want him to wonder 20 years from now "what if".

Our younger son Cameron graduates from high school in June and must make a decision as to where he is going to go to college.This kid is smart, with a 3.81 GPA, all AP and honors classes and a 1440 on his SAT's. He was "labeled" gifted in third grade.I hate that term, gifted. We have always kept his head on straight and he never has come across as a smarty pants.His guidance councilor told him he can get in to almost any school he wanted with that. Cam is very down to earth and he feels those Ivy League schools aren't for him. Even with generous scholarships the private schools are out of reach financially. One school offered 60k over 4 years but it was still over our budget. It comes down to SUNY schools. (State University of New York) New York has the largest state school program in the country. Kevin is at a state school. Cameron at this stage is thinking about being a high school English teacher. The best 2 schools in NY for education majors happen to be within an hour of our house. His first choice, Geneseo is a more prestigious school, harder to get in to. He was accepted and was invited to apply for one of their scholarships worth $2,000 per year. He had to write an essay and do some short answer questions. He was awarded one of only 10 scholarships given out to freshman. The other college, Brockport, is also a good school and he was accepted into the honors program there and given a scholarship totaling 18k. My advice to him; do what makes you happy, not what you think we want.
there you have it. I know this post sounds like I'm one of those mother's who brag constantly about their wonderful children but I can't help how proud I am of them. I wonder all the time, how did this happen?

Edit: Kevin called me and made it official, he's accepted the New York Presbyterian job in the Big Apple.It's all very bittersweet for me. Excuse me while I go have a moment.


Craze said...

You have every right to be proud and brag about this!! What great boys! I agree, it's their choice and they have to do what their heart tells them. But I do think the first one should take the NY job. Congrats!!

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