Thursday, February 14, 2008


No I don't have VD but I suppose some people may catch it today. I'm not a big proponant of Valentine's Day. Of course I like to be told "I love you", get cards, flowers and all that jazz. I guess I don't like all the marketing out there telling people you need to buy their goods to tell your significant other that you love them. I'd rather be surprised on a random day then on the day you're "supposed" to. I must be a rebel. I actually feel bad for men that have to produce something on Valentine's Day or they're in the dog house. The pressure must be nuts. I see the price of roses and see the diamond commercials on TV. Yikes.

So while my husband I don't ignore this day, he gets me a card, it's just not a big deal. What I do like about this day is how my kindergartners get excited about it. There's nothing better than a homemade valentine. Guys, why spent upwards of 4 -5 bucks on a card when a homemade card will mean more. This is one that I received today from a student. She couldn't wait to give it to me and the smile on her face was priceless.
There was a letter to the editor in our paper the other day from a woman who was complaining that she can't say Merry Christmas anymore because it's not politically correct so why are we celebrating Valentine's Day? It was named after a saint. Why do kids get to celebrate it in school but not celebrate Christmas? Plus why are we allowing kids to celebrate a holiday that has to do with sex and lust?Do some people have nothing else in their lives to use their brain cells on? First, if she wants to wish someone Merry Christmas, who the hell is stopping her? It's not a punishable offense. Second, sex and lust? Yes, some gentlemen use this as a reason to shop at Victoria's Secret and buy themselves something. And let's be real, it may be something they give to their woman but it's really for them to enjoy. Kids celebrate it as a time to be nice to each other and tell them with an innocent card.
I like that you can find hearts in nature.

These are bleeding heart in my garden last spring.

A heart shaped nebula.

For all of you coffee and latte drinkers out there.

The human heart sure doesn't look like the heart shape that we're familar with. Maybe if you took off the arteries.