Thursday, February 21, 2008

This was the picture on the front page of our newspaper this morning. I am willing to bet my house that there will be multiple letters to the editors over it. They will say how horrible it is, they don't need to see that at breakfast, it's not appropriate, respect the families privacy etc.

ANNETTE LEIN staff photographer
A trail of blood marks the sidewalk on Friederich Park where Brent Coley fled after being shot. Coley was found on Friederich Park, while Da'marri Shaw was found outside the house on Wilkins Street where the shooting occurred. The 15-year-olds were pronounced dead at Strong Memorial Hospital

I whole heartedly agree with them except that even though it is a horrible picture we should all see it including kids age 10 and above. Young people in this world as well as adults need to see how these kids are being killed over drugs. According to the article these two young boys were in a house where drugs were being sold when others burst in and started shooting. Apparently Shaw started running with a rough crowd last summer and now he has paid for that with his life. As a parent I can understand how hard it is to control what your children do when you aren't with them. This is a nightmare for parents. I'm sure this is a very painful picture for the families to view but if it were my child I would want it out there for all to see. To see how my child lost their life to senseless violence and I'd hope that it would get through to at least one kid who may be thinking that this sort of life was for them.