Tuesday, February 12, 2008


As I sat here on the couch at 5:34 pm reading Stephen King's Duma Key I looked out the window and realized that it's the Blue Hour and very pretty and peaceful. I call it the Blue Hour but it's not always an hour, sometimes less. Tonight it will be more like the Blue 30 minutes. What the hell is this woman talking about you may be thinking. I'll explain.

There's a time in the late afternoon or early evening mostly in the winter and the conditions have to be right. There's a cloud cover with snow on the ground and in the air as it is right now and everything outside seems to be awash in blue. It's like you're looking through a blue filter. Not that sunshiny blue you get when it's bright out. This is more a faded, washed out blue. The sky, snow,trees, everything has a blue tinge to it. Now at 5:45 it is quickly turning to a deeper blue but it's still light out. I really can't tell if it's blue or a violetish color. It will darken to a deep blue by 6:00 and then to black. I've tried to take a picture of this before but the camera doesn't do it justice. It can't capture that shade of blue. I wish I was an artist, I would paint it for you. Have you ever noticed this yourself? If not, slow down, take time to notice your surroundings and become more attuned to what's out there. Become one with nature. Gee, I sound like John Tesh and his new age drivel. Now it's a dusky, smokey blue, the Blue Hour is almost over. 5:59, fade to black.

This is the best photo of it that I could find.


Chuck said...

Blue hour...interesting. You explain it well.

I've got Duma Key but haven't started reading it yet. Is it good?

Mr. Fabulous said...

Oooohhh...very cool!

Kitten Herder said...

Interesting concept. The picture almost reminds me of the movie "A Simple Plan". Blue has always been my favorite color. I need to pay more attention to look for the Blue Hour.

tornwordo said...

I know what you're talking about. It really is a difficult blue/violet to describe. I wonder if it's a trick on the eyes. Or maybe the sky is oozing through just a little.

Slick said...

Blue Hour? Well, you made up your own time :)

You're all important now!

Still though...all that ice in the picture? Count me out.