Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Music to calm the savage beast (mom)

I admit it, I watch American Idol but like Dancing with the Stars better. Except for this season. I predict this young man, David Archuleta as the winner. The way I can tell if someone is a good vocalist is how I feel when I listen. This 17 year old has an amazing voice. Tonight he sang John Lennon's Imagine. I'm telling you it moved me to tears, I felt it in my heart. If you didn't hear it it's truly your loss. I hope it shows up on Youtube.

One last thing, Cameron is on the last Jet Blue flight out of JFK leaving at 11:50 pm! I told him to go ask someone how long they will keep delaying this flight before they cancel it all together. He was told the plane is there all ready to go but they don't have a pilot yet. WTF? He said that there's a passenger waiting for the same plane who is making balloon animals for everyone.


tornwordo said...

I predicted that he would win from the first show. Last night blew me away too. I love that he's so humble even though he's so clearly going to be a superstar.