Saturday, February 09, 2008

What Do You Believe?

I am not a religious person although I am a spritual person I guess. I do subscribe to the theory that all things happen for a reason we just don't always know or never know what the reasons are. I believe in signs from a higher power. I sometimes wish I was religious and wish I had the faith that some have. I know it gets people through a lot of hard times. I thought for a while after 9/11 I would go that way. It didn't happen. I like to believe that I will see the people that I've lost and will loose again someday.

As far as organized religion goes, it's not me for several reasons. I think so many problems in the world today are caused by religious fanatics that think theirs is the best, the one and only that should be followed. I don't understand why people can't agree that people can worship different Gods and beliefs. To say that yours is the surpreme and every other religion is wrong is the root of many evils. If you want to think that, go ahead but don't force it down the throats of others around the world. Live in your own egotistical world. I don't see how flying planes into buildings or blowing up people make you victorious in the eyes of your God.

Some organized religions discriminate against people that aren't like they are. If God loves everyone what's wrong with being gay? They're just like you and I only attracted to the same sex. I believe that one is born wired that way. It can be a hard road in life, why would someone choose that?

Pro life lunitics. Have I or would I ever have an abortion? No, never have and when pregnant with son number 2 had some very funky test results. I was asked if I wanted more invasive tests to find out definate things as well as genetic counciling so we could make an informed decision, I refused. I wasn't going to "do anything" about it anyway. It was my baby and would love it and take care of it. Turns out there wasn't a problem at all and I was worried sick over nothing. But what if I had arbitrarily thought, "hey, I'm not taking any chances here, let's do it." This is just my opinion on the subject. I believe that all women should be able to make informed choices, I just wouldn't do it. It is a very private and emotional thing, you don't need people calling you a baby killer. Now I'm speaking about early abortion not late term abortion. That I am highly against. For the life of me I don't understand why a woman would do that or doctors would preform them. If you've carried the baby that long, people know you're pregnant why not go the whole way and give the baby up Some of the most vocal abortion protesters are men and I can't figure that out either. I can understand a man having a problem if he wants the baby and the mother does not but these guys are not using that as a platform. Just the killing part. Have they seen a child that is not wanted by parents? That is not shown love and affection? That is physically or emotionally abused? It is heartbreaking. Are they going to support these unwanted children that are just thrown into the system? Will the baby change their life? No but to them it's a sin but it's okay to harrass, terrorize and bomb clinics and to kill doctors. Hhhhmm, don't kill the babies but kill the doctors. In a perfect world every child would be welcomed by loving parents and would lead a perfect life but let's face it, that doesn't happen. Some people should not be allowed to breed.

What brought me to these thoughts today was an article I read in the paper this morning. The tornadoes that hit the southern region of the country this last week were devistating. People lost their loved ones due to "an act of God". In one town in particular, Lafayette, Tennessee, the town minister, Rev. Michael L. Welch has been helping people cope and opened his church as a family crisis center. Three days after the tornado struck his town, Rev. Welch and his family were killed when a tractor trailer slammed into their van. Why did this happen? This town needed him and he was answering that call. To have their lives snuffed out at this time is a question I would ask any man of the cloth.

In my life I try and live honestly, be kind, treat others with respect and the whole golden rule thing. I don't need to be religious to do that. If that makes me a heathen so be it.

I just have to spout my opinions every now and then.


Kitten Herder said...

The story about the minister is so confounding. How does one reconcile the existence of an all-knowing, all-powerful, merciful, god, when someone who is doing 'his' work is struck down just when the person is most needed?

I am with you. Belief/faith are things that one needs to reconcile with oneself internally. Dogma is a tyranny that should be abolished. Get your religion from your family, or freely explore and adopt a religion that meshes with your personal view of the universe. But, please, do not assume to dictate to others how they should think and feel about spirituality.

Most religions do share a common set of standards for right and wrongs. The unshared aspects of individual religions really are trivial in the grand scheme of things, IMO. It is more important to be a good person than to be a good ___(your religion here)___. If it is more important to your religion that you dress a certain way or eat(don't eat) a certain set of foods than to how you treat others, the planet, and yourself, how meaningful is your religion, truly?

Religion should elevate you spiritual and enhance your connection with a higher power. Following certain rites and proscriptions can harmonize you, to a certain extent. However, being open to the love and good that is core of human experience will give one a deeper, more lasting, connection than putting on red socks every morning after eating purified brussel sprouts. Don't you think?

tornwordo said...

I think your take on it all is similar to many people's. We just don't hear about it, because we're not fanatical. I never understood why men are involved in making rules on pregnancies. They can't get pregnant, so they will never have to face the effects of their legislation. I think it should be a question decided solely by women. Just my opinion though.

Craze said...

Wow, the story about the minister is heavy. I would have to say I agree 100% with your thoughts/beliefs. It's a tough ol' world out there.