Thursday, February 21, 2008


My husband is my pedicurest and over the years has honed his fine motor skills. My toes always look perfect when he's done. He is also a great foot massager. Now his feet, I don't even let them on my side of the bed! Ugh. Men's feet are not their best feature. Hairy toes, thick toenails, dry leathery skin. You get the picture. For a few years I've been telling him he should have a pedicure and his response is always, "me?, no way, I don't need no stinkin' pedicure!" Lately he's stressed , working his regular job during the day and a second job in the evening trying to get a business off the ground. His birthday was earlier this month so I made him an appointment at the salon/spa I go to. Tuesday was the day, unbeknownst to him. He took the afternoon off to take the kids to the airport so late that afternoon I told him to get his shoes on, we were going somewhere. His reply, "is it going to cost me money?" I drove and when I pulled into the parking lot of the salon he says, "Oh you're getting a pedicure." Uh huh, I could hardly keep a straight face. When the girl called HIS name he was shocked. It was so fun to see him soaking his feet, getting his feet and calves massaged and being pampered. He loved it. The only problem is that now he wants equal time with the foot pampering. I'll rub anything he wants but not his feet, I don't care how soft they are!!


Sandi said...

I have to tell ya.. at my job..I would MUCH rather do a man's pedi than a womans. Men's feet are so much better than womens IMO.
Men are fair less picky and also way more appreciative too. :)