Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rude vs Pleasant

My nature is usually gentle and peaceful but when someone attacks someone I love, a family member or friend I can turn into a mother bear with her cub. As you saw by yesterday's post my husband, Mike is involved in Boy Scouts and received a rather rude email from a parent. Not only did this parent send the email to my husband but he CCed every scout parent on it. Since then Mike has received emails of support from other parents and one from a scout who's mother must have shared the orginal email with. This scout also copied all parents in and was very gracious and articulate when thanking Mike, John and any other parent that has helped in the past for all they've done and how he always has a new and unique experience on these trips. Imagine that, a 17 year old with more social skills than an adult.
I will say that this whole thing has bothered me much more than my husband. I see the hard work he does and how it can be stressful but he does it because he wants the scouts to see and experience as much as they can. He works closely with home builders in his job and they're always calling him and yelling about things they want yesterday. He has a thick skin from dealing with that type. I don't. In my job the staff and faculty are a close knit group and treat everyone with respect. It's much easier and pleasant to go through life like that rather than an angry, resentful, demanding, ungrateful and rude person.


Sandi said...

well that parent sure mad an ass out of himself didn't he? bet he is surprised at all the support your hb is receiving! I am so glad that he got emails from other parents and the scout too! Awesome.

Summer said...

and thanks for your support too Sandi :)

Kitten Herder said...

I takes all kinds to make the world go round. If it weren't for people like your husband, we wouldn't even have a civilization, since a lot of people simply don't know how to be civil. The efforts of a few make up for the bone-headed self-involved attitudes of others.