Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I missed yesterday's Bushism so here's 14 and 15.
"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we.
They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country
and our people, and neither do we."
Washington DC 7/5/04
"One of my hardest parts of my job is to console
the family members who have lost their life."
White House 4/13/04
I realize that this quote didn't come out of Bush's mouth the way he wanted but I do believe that it was from the heart and it is indeed one of the hardest parts of his job.
My mother-in-law sent me this cartoon. I thought it was funny and what made it even funnier is that she sent it to me, totally not what I'd expect from her. Click to enlarge it.
I know I whine constantly on this blog about how I miss the warmth and sunshine during the winter. Actually I can deal with the cold if only we can have more sun. I swear the sun only shines about 10 days during the winter leaving the rest of the days dreary. It seems like the colors of the world have been leeched out, the sky is gray, the trees are bare, the road is whitish from the salt. Maybe I'm suffering from SAD.
The photo below is from my garden last summer. I like it because the one flower looks like its waving.

I will say that today there is a covering of snow that makes it look like a mad pastry chef came by and frosted everything with powdered sugar. But no sun. This time of year I pull out my flower books to drool over and the garden catalogs start arriving. I wonder how far south I have to go to get to where it's green all year long and the trees don't shed their leaves?
My parents live in a retirement golf course community in Lakeland, Florida (right between Tampa and Orlando) during the winter and son number 2 along with his best friend are flying down in February. Those lucky 17 yr. olds get to hang out with a bunch of senior citizens. Some of the old timers don't like it when kids come down to visit but they put up with it because they're someones grand kids although they both won't pass as my parents grandchildren, the best friend is black. My parents will take them where ever they want to go within a few hours drive, they'll get to drive my father's golf cart around the complex, swim in the pool, play shuffleboard and bingo. Why didn't I send myself instead??


tornwordo said...

The comic was pretty funny. And we're lucky these last two days, sunny all day, even though it stays in the teens. They say more snow tomorrow night though, sigh.