Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Britney

Today on A Summer's Day: Britney Spears

While Ms. Spears certainly brings a lot of the attention she receives upon herself I am feeling sorry for her now. It's hard not to follow all her ordeals as they're splashed all over every form of media. I was watching CNN in the wee hours of the morning today and the top story was Britney's latest trip to the hospital.

Of course I know who Britney is but I'm not a fan. Her music isn't on my radar, I don't even know if I'd recognize one of her songs. All I know of her is that she started out in show biz on the New Mickey Mouse Club at age 11 and at age 18 had her first hit, Baby One More Time. I had to look that up in Wiki. Whether it be from lack of good parenting or poor business decisions she seems to have had too much too soon. I feel she became too sexualized at a young age. I don't know if I'd want my talented daughter referred to over and over again as a "Poptart".
Maybe I don't get it but it seemed like Britney could have been a role model for young girls, had the opportunity to present a wholesome image but went the way of sleaze. I don't mean that she had to wear long pants and turtlenecks but have you seen the clothes out there for young girls? Try and find a pair of shorts that don't end at the butt cheeks or a shirt that doesn't show the belly. Seven year olds do not need to be dressing like that. I blame that on the influence of the Poptart.
Okay, her life is a total mess. She has two children that I'm sure she loves but didn't know how to take care of from the begining. Her marriage has failed and she's spiraled into the depths of addiction. I am actually feeling sorry for her now. Imagine no matter where you go you're followed by hoards of photographers documenting your every action and word you say. What I saw on CNN was disgusting. The constant flashbulbs, the yelling. No wonder this girl is falling apart. Britney may have been an attention whore at one time but I can't believe she enjoys it now. I think that everyone should leave this poor girl alone. She seems to be on the edge if not over it. I for one will turn the channel anytime there's a story about her. What kind of people are we when we seem to almost take pleasure in her termoil, to be so entertained by her crisis. My God, the entertainment shows are giddy. I think they may have contributed to the state she's in. I say leave her in peace. Unfortunately that will never happen.


Anonymous said...

I also kind of feel sorry for her as well...

True, most of this is her own doings but still...

I couldn't live with all those paparazzi dudes. No way no how.