Sunday, January 13, 2008

I woke up this morning to a beautiful morning. The sun was shining, my window was open and a nice breeze was wafting through. I could hear a lawnmower off in the distance, the air smelled fresh and clean, just the way I like to wake up.

Then I really awoke from my slumber to a cold, dreary, grey, sunless day. I had actually dreamed that I woke up to summer. Cruel, but nice while it lasted.


Kitten Herder said...

Ready for some more snow in the next 24 hours? :D

Summer said...

In one word; NO :)

Craze said...

You had me going there for a minute! I'm so ready for spring!

Anonymous said...

Hell, it's even starting to get chilly in Georgia.

What's this world coming to?? ;)

Mr. Fabulous said...

That's why you need to move to Florida!

Although not today. Brrrr.