Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The "Eyes" Have It

Number 16

"Home is important. It's important to have a home."

Crawford, Texas 2/18/01

Look into my eyes...

Come closer...
Please ignore the wrinkles...

closer still...

Close enough!

I went to the eye doctor this week and he has a new camera that can take a picture of the back of your eye. Being a diabetic these pictures can give him an up close and personal view of my blood vessels. When he first showed me the pictures my first words were, "are those dark spots supposed to be there?" Thank goodness they are. It's called the macula and this is the area that has the largest density of cones.

I may have high cholesterol, type II diabetes
and sucky knees but my eyes are in great shape!


Kitten Herder said...

Congratulations on a successful eye appointment. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Technology is amazing!!

Congrats on the great eyes! :)