Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Don't Want Any Company

Don't you just hate it when uninvited guests show up? They don't call before they come, they expect you to drop everything and tend to them. Pretty soon they've asked all their friends to come and join the party. You want nothing more but for them to leave peacefully and take their baggage with them. But they just loll around doing what they do best, spreading their crap all over the place and making you miserable.

I can tell when they arrive. My throat starts to get a little scratchy, my nose starts to tingle and as more of their friends show up I start to really go downhill. Today these pesky germs crashed the party at exactly 12:27. I was having lunch at my desk when I got that feeling. I looked at the clock and announced, "I'm getting a cold, shit"

It seems like this school year I haven't been really healthy since October. I get over one virus, have a good week or so then back to not feeling good. The last 5 years I've been very healthy up in fifth grade. This year I moved down to kindergarten and all hell has broken loose. It doesn't help that they are sneezing, coughing and putting their hands all over everything. But how do you not accept their hugs and high fives. I wash my hands about 10 times a day.Those little cherubs have some powerful germs that are sucking the life out of me. I hope to soon build up some sort of immunity against them.

I hope that you're healthy at least.


Kitten Herder said...

The most annoying thing about the relationship between the little cherubs and the germs is how little impact the germs actually have on the cherubs. When my son was a toddler we jokingly referred to him as "Typhoid K___", because he would come home with a runny nose that wouldn't slow him down, and he'd be absolutely healthy in a day or so. We, in turn, would catch what he visited upon us and would end up miserable for a week. Go figure.