Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You're Going on a Field Trip

This past Sunday was an absolute beautiful day here in New York so we went for a drive.

I decided to take you on a virtual field trip of Rochester. This is the Rush Rhees Library on the University of Rochester campus. The university is known for its business school, medical school and research.

The vaccine for the human papilloma virus was developed here. No, the library isn't cockeyed, it was the photographer, me.
The Strong National Museum of Play. The Toy Hall of Fame is located here. There is also a butterfly conservatory.

Asbury First Methodist Church
Above is the George Eastman House. Eastman was the founder of Eastman Kodak and at one time Kodak was the leader in cameras, film and developing. Today there's much competition in the photography world and most people use digital cameras. He accomplished much and donated 100 million over his lifetime to his community. He committed suicide om March 14, 1932. Eastman left a note that said: To my friends; My work is done. Why wait.

The Memorial Art Gallery

Above, a light post done with mosaic tile. Below, a bus shelter.

I've got more pictures but don't want to tire you out on this trip. We'll go on another soon.


Slick said...

Whewww, let me sit right here and just rest for a minute. Mind if I take my shoes off?

New York has some beautiful places to visit from what I see!

Look forward to the other pictures :)

Kitten Herder said...

Excellent photos. Who knew there were so many nice spots in NY?

Sandi said...

Wow! That is a beautiful city! :) How interesting about the Eastman man.. and tragic.

Have a good weekend :)