Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Our fossil trip was a success and the weather cooperated. It was cold and windy with a few snow showers but no rain so not much mud. Several kids found some trilobite fossils. I've gone 6 times and never found one. Below is a piece of horned coral. It's on a regular sheet of 8.5x11 paper so it's pretty big. It sort of looks like petrified dog poo.

Some specimans can look somewhat phalic. No luck with those today.

Last years trip was so horrible, it poured buckets and the mud was awful. This year I bought myself some new boots to wear. Aren't they cute? :) Land's End $39.50 and they come in lots of colors.
These pictures are from last year's trip. What a mess.
An hour to get there and we left after 20 minutes.


Slick said...

Looks like fun!

How much you want for the turd?