Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Tomorrow we leave for a 2 night visit to New York City. We're taking Amtrack into Penn Station. We've been there twice previously and the history, sites, the people, I love it. I wish I could live in a Park Avenue penthouse for 6 months and see everything NYC has to offer. I thought I'd share a few facts about NYC.

It was the site of major battles known as the New York Campaign during the Revolutionary War.

President George Washington was inaugurated at Federal Hall on Wall St.

NYC was once the capital of the United States until 1790.

In 1830 the center of interracial abolishionist activism in the North took place in Manhattan.

NYC has 28,000 acres of parkland and 14 miles of public beaches.

Of the top 25 largest cities in the United States and their crime rate, NYC ranks the lowest at 25.

The crime rate of 216 cities with populations over 100,000 NYC comes in at 197.

Comparably NYC has the same crime rate as Provo, Utah.

NYC is the second largest city in the world after Tokyo-Yokohama, Japan.

More than half of the households don't own a car.

The three top business and financial centers in the world are NYC, London, Tokyo.

The largest landowner in NYC is the Catholic Church.

The property with the highest listed market value at 1.1 billion dollars is the Time Warner Center. No wonder my cable bills are so high, headquarters are located in the really high rent district.


tornwordo said...

Jealousy! New York is such a hoot. But I'm pretty sure population-wise, Mexico City counts the most residents of any city in the world.

Summer said...

Tornwordo, I found my info at but upon further research on other sites I did see where the list is different. Maybe they used different variables when calculating it. Thanks :)

Slick said...

It's strange to hear that half the households in city don't own a car!!

Too weird but I want to go visit too.

Hope you had a good time!