Saturday, November 24, 2007

Beer and Coughing

It was a dark and stormy night...
The Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving was very dark,
pouring rain and with lots of wet leaves on the road...
And my baby was going out for a beer with his friends!
He just turned 21 this past September so he is newly legal as the drinking age is 21 in New York.
I am SO not used to that. He brought a 12 pk home with him and he and his father are drinking it. It is So strange to hear him talk about beer, what kinds he's had, what he likes and doesn't. It is So nerve wracking to know he is out drinking beer with his buds. I gave him my speech about being responsible and being in control. He says he knows all that and I think he's smart enough but college kids...

I asked him if he ever had too much to drink, he replied, "Mom, I'm a college student, what do you think?" Back to the dark and stormy night, I have adapted well to the what I don't know won't hurt me parenting skill. Meaning, when he's at Binghamton I don't know what he's doing so I really don't worry too much. When he's home and I know he and his friends drink beer when they're out I worry like there's no tomorrow. Then I see a story on the 11:00 news about this night being one of the biggest nights at the bars because of all the college kids home.
Go back to school will you please.
My nerves are shot.

I haven't felt good for a few weeks now. Translate that into I've been bitchy. The mucinex guy and his slimy friends have taken up residence in my lungs and I've been coughing what seems like constantly.

So much so that I have a constant headache. I think my brain has loosened up. It feels like its rattling around. I did finally buy some medicine and I better be well by Thursday. We leave for our anniversary trip to NYC at 5:45 on Amtrack. It seems that whatever this is, it's not contagious. I've been hacking all over the place and no one else had gotten it. But where did I get it from?? A medical mystery. I should have my soon to be a nurse son listen to my lungs.
Catch you later, stay healthy!


Kitten Herder said...

Have a great trip! Hope your goo goes away soon.

Sandi said...

Ugh. I hear you about the damn kids going back to school.. my nerves are shot, too.
My middle boy (18 next month) went to a surprise birthday party for a friend of his hosted by the friend's mother... sounds safe? I told my daughter about it and she said oh yeah.. that kid's mom is a crack head..GAHHHHHHH. It will be a miracle if I survive these children.
I am sorry you are not feeling well.. hope it goes away SOON. and you enjoy your trip! :)

Slick said...

Well, that's what kids are good for....

Worrying the shit out of us.

Hope you're feeling better by now, girl!