Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's a P C World

It's a PC world out there and I don't mean personal computer. The idea of being politically correct is out of control. At the risk of offending anyone (I apologize if I do) I have my own thoughts on it. First; African American. Who started that? Not every person that is black has roots in Africa. I'm sure many are proud to be referred to as A.A. but to me that sounds less politically correct than Black. Our 17 yr old son's best friend is black but his ancestors hail from Dominique and Barbados. He and his family don't fit under that moniker. I don't refer to myself as Scottish, English, Canadian, German American. I'm just American.

Native American. We're learning about them in kindergarten and I think my students think they're referred to as In-Native-Americans. I can't help myself. I can understand why they don't want to be called Indians. After all they really aren't. Christopher Columbus (a directionally challenged Italian) thought he was in India hence he called them Indians and it stuck. I mean no disrespect when I say Indian. As far as sports teams having to change their In, er I mean Native American names, that's just silly. To me when naming a team after a Native American it is honoring them. After all, N.A. are proud people and fought for what they believed in.

Cochise, Apache leader.

Every so often you read about Native Americans in the news regarding sports teams using the Native American names. Our high school had to change our name from Chiefs to Patriots. I don't know, maybe somewhere there are some patriots that are pissed about that.

I wonder how N.A. feel about the government naming their killing machines after them. Consider the names of helicopters; Apache, Black Hawk, Lakota, Comanche and more. These Indian Nations defended themselves against the white man, maybe that's why we use those names since we are defending ourselves. Apache Attack Helicopter

lThe latest PC edict is by an Australian organization that instructs people how to be a Santa (I sure hope I just didn't burst some one's bubble about Santa Claus) :) has decided that Santa cannot say HO HO HO any longer. I'm not kidding. Check it out.

They state that since ho is an American slang word for prostitute it would be derogatory to women to use it. They suggest HA HA HA instead. How's that for a self esteem buster, Santa laughing at you. Now 99% of the time the person sitting on Santa's lap is a child. Do they know what a ho is? And even if they do, would they equate that with a prostitute in this situation? Prostitution may be one of the oldest professions but I don't think the term "ho" was around when Santa decided to start using it as his signature phrase. But then again maybe he did have a "ho" on his lap. He travels extensively and maybe he misses the comfort that Mrs. Claus provides, but somehow I doubt it. After all, he does all of his travelling in one night and it seems like he'd be too busy to stop for some action on the side.
Hubby says my posts are too long. I guess they can be but once my mind starts wondering, it don't stop. I hope I don't bore you to tears.


Sandi said...

I totally agree with you. all of it. and the ho ho ho thing? someone has way too much time on their hands in austrailia!

Kitten Herder said...

Yeah, the PC thing is really getting old. I'd heard the Aussie Santa crud and thought it was ridiculous.

BTW, love the new background. Interesting.