Sunday, November 04, 2007

College Shopping

Our college shopping for our Number 2 son is done. We've looked at 3 private school and 2 NY state schools. He wants to be a high school English teacher and lucky for him, New York state has some of the best teaching programs around.
The first 2 pictures are of Nazareth College, a small private college. Total cost of attendance; over 30,000. per year. It's a very nice campus, he really liked it but again, it was the first place we looked. If he went here he would be able to keep his job at Ben & Jerry's.

The picture below is of Syracuse University. Total cost of attendance; way over 30k per year.
He didn't really care for it, maybe it had something to do with our tour of the campus. It was given by two dingbat students and we never saw the inside of any building except the Carrier Dome. Didn't see the library, dorm, computer lab, dining hall, classroom. Nothing. Thank goodness we didn't drive for hours or fly to see it like some others did in our tour. At one point a group of students walked by us and said to Number 2, "don't go here". Hhhhmmmmm

Below is St John Fisher College, another private school costing over 30k. He didn't really like this one either. A large percentage of freshman are tripled in the dorms. Home of the Buffalo Bills training camp in the summer.

Next picture is State University of New York at Brockport. Total cost of attendance; about 17k. We all really liked this school. It was a good size but not huge. Our tour guide took us on an extensive 90 minute tour and she walked backwards the entire time while taking to the two perspective students and parents.

Bingo! SUNY NY at Geneseo is the one he liked the best, another bargain at 17k. It's located in a rural community with a population of about 10,000, 5,000 which are students. It is very nice and is considered one of the two honors colleges in NY. The other being Binghamton University.

Speaking of Binghamton University, this is it. Number One son is a senior here in the Decker School of Nursing, one of the schools within the university. A Division 1 school if that floats your boat. He's president of BU's club racquetball team. No other time for athletics.
Number 2 has sent in all of his applications, now it's just a waiting game. His guidance counselor at school is not completely thrilled with his choices. She wanted him to apply to some reach schools meaning schools that may be hard for him to get into, which he didn't do. He was recruited by some ivy league schools but it didn't make sense. As I said, NY state is one of the best places to get a teaching degree. Why go out of state? Plus he's not an ivy league kind of person. He's a smart kid, GPA is 3.85 and got a 1440 out of 1600 on the verbal/math SAT. To apply at Princeton, Harvard etc. he needs to take the SAT2 and ACT. He doesn't want to do that. So he's limited himself but the colleges he did apply to have honors programs so that will make her happy he hopes. I'm just glad that he's done looking. I don't enjoy it all. Too much pressure for me, balancing the the right fit and the cost.


Kitten Herder said...

Sounds like quite a chore, but one that had to be done. You make it sound like you all put a lot of thought in it. My son is only in 9th grade, and we're already starting to think about the options. It is most likely that he'll stay in state as well.

Here's crossing my fingers that he gets into one of his preferred schools.

Summer said...

It's never too early to think about it and they look at your grades all the way back to 9th grade! Tell him to work hard.

Sandi said...

wow.. glad you got all that over and done with.
good luck to your son in finding the place that suits his needs.

I am kinda doing the same thing here..with my 2nd son..but I think we have got it down where he is going to go.

Slick said...

Daaang, sounds like the kiddos have it all together.

Good luck and maybe the waiting game ain't gonna last long!