Monday, November 03, 2008


Two weeks ago our kindergarten went on a field trip to a farm market where we learned about farmers, vegetables, played in a maze and got to pick a little pumpkin.
I love these gourds with the colors and textures. Some are down right alien looking.

A different type of gourd.

For most of my years in education I've worked in fifth grade with 2 years in second grade and one in first grade. Last year I split my day between fifth graders and kindergarten. This year I'm strictly with the little ones. Let me say this; the hardest grade I've worked in is kindergarten. It is exhausting. The students are blank slates with little or no background knowledge on anything. It seems like I talk all day long, explain things over and over again and hear my name called constantly. When I come home I want it very quiet. No television, no talking, nothing. Several times a week I end up taking a cat nap on the couch after school. Today, and I'm embarrassed to say it; I stripped down and got right down in the bed, under the covers for a two hour nap!!

Oh and my favorite grade to be in...



Anonymous said...

the little ones are exhausting aren't they? but also the most exciting like you said:)

tornwordo said...

I find the beginners are the most challenging and yet the most rewarding too. My favorite grade was probably first when i was growing up.

Craze said...

I can imagine it is very challenging, tiring and rewarding all at the same time. Thank the heavens above people like you can do it!