Monday, November 24, 2008

NYC again

Back in October when I was in New York City I snapped some shots that reminded me that I wasn't in Kansas anymore. Well, Rochester anyway.
I'm not sure what kind of salon this is but it reminds me of that HBO show Mind of a Married Man when he would go to the massage parlor and get a "happy ending".
One thing that I noticed was the noise of the city. There is always an emergency vehicle going somewhere and I was amazed at the fact that people don't get out of the way. Of course in heavy traffic there's no where to go. I wouldn't want to be the one waiting for help to show up.

Honking. Everyone honks, especially cabs. You can be 25 stories up and still hear the honking and the sirens. I really don't mind it, it makes me feel like I'm in the heart of the city. There are areas that you cannot honk and as the sign says, you can be out $350. if you do.


Where else can you see a sign that's 10 stories high?
The only Target store I saw was in Queens.

Traffic lights are huge. I guess you don't notice their size when you're in the car looking up but on a double decker bus you better make sure you stay seated or it's gonna get ya.

I need one of these for the front yard. I hate finding packages left by other dogs. Let me rephrase that, left by the owners of said dogs.

At one point I felt like saying this to a few people. But I wouldn't wear it on a shirt.

A very sobering sign. It sure made me decide not to cross at this intersection in Queens.


Nobody™ said...

I've never been to NYC, but I'd love to go. It's weird, I hate people, but love cities..

Oh, and Las Vegas. That's where else you can see a 10 story high sign.

tornwordo said...

I like the one way signs. And that last sign is kind of macabre.

Kitten Herder said...

Great pictures. I love NYC.