Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanks Lake Ontario.
I'm reading Cody's mind and he's thinking, "I'm sorry but you know I'm going to bring this stuff in with me".

While fluffy snow is very pretty, the dogwood tree looks like it has cotton balls on it, I'm just not ready for the white stuff yet.

On another note, my oldest who lives in New York City got a letter in the mail telling the residents that they would be filming a TV show on his street soon. I asked him if he knew what the show was. He said, "some show called
Nurse Jackie". I'd never heard of it but asked if it was a porno. It sort of sounds like a porno title. Maybe just to me.
Last week they filmed scenes for a new show on Showtime starring Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie. He's only lived there four months and already has Hollywood in his neighborhood plus he works not far from where they shoot 30 Rock.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I agree...that DOES sound like the name of a porn!!

I HATE HATE HATE snow and am so not ready for it - but looks pretty at your house!


Slick said...

Oh, Good Gosh...


You keep that crap up there, period!

Kitten Herder said...

Snow? Boo. Hiss. I was in the 20s this week. It made me VERY grumpy. It's too early. I am not ready to put up with winter just yet.

Gman said...

no snow here in Cali, still 70 degrees in the daytime. Some people still havent gotten out of their shorts and flip flops yet.....