Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Your user ID or password is incorrect.
User ID
I forgot my user ID
I forgot my password
I get this message a lot. It seems that I cannot keep straight all the user IDs, passwords and pin numbers that I have. Let's see, I have them for banking at two banks, on line bill paying accounts, catalogs that I buy from, paypal account, ebay account and more I can't remember. That's the problem, I can't remember. Now you would think that I'd write them down somewhere and have them handy but nooooo, not me.
I found something that I'd been searching for for hubby on ebay. The auction closes in 45 minutes and of course I can't remember my log-in info. I did the I forgot my user ID thing about 15 minutes ago and haven't received the email. Grrrrr
My brain is so full of stuff I have to remember that some things just get pushed aside. Smarten up woman and write down these things. This is so frustrating!


tornwordo said...

I have all mine written down in my address book. Of course I didn't get that bright idea until a couple of months ago. But you'll totally thank yourself if you do it.