Monday, March 17, 2008

Misc. Things

I spend most of my day working with 81 kindergartners. I work between two teachers and they each have a morning class and an afternoon class so I have four classes of the little cherubs. Today in one of my afternoon classes we celebrated a birthday. Now this class has had 17 students from day one. This mother knows this because they did valentines plus she comes in and helps every few weeks for a few hours. Today for 17 students she sends in a box of 16 Rice Krispies Treats. How stupid is that? Now who do you tell they aren't getting one? Luckily there was a student that doesn't like them. I know it's a pain when you need just one more but come on mom, buy another box and take one out to send in to school.
I'm in my second day of using Crest Whitestrips and am not crazy about the icky, scuzzy feeling of them on my teeth. According to this show I watch, Ten Years Younger, whiter teeth will take years off of your looks. Well I can't afford to get my teeth whitened at the dentist so I went the 31.99 route. I certainly hope they work and this yuckiness pays off.
"I heard the news today oh boy" Heather Mills and Paul McCartney were married for four years and today she received a 48.6 million dollar divorce settlement from him. Mills sought a whopping 250 million but ended up with getting $34,000 for each day she was married to him.
Not bad for 1461 hard day's night. Sir Paul is worth about 800 million and she wanted a nice slice of that pie. Come to find out, the bulk of that fortune was made before she was married to him. Really, how can she expect to get any of that?

Isn't this a creepy picture? They are CPR training dummies. I took a CPR class on Friday and I guess my days of doing anything on my knees are over. (I know where those dirty minds are going with that one) But seriously, after spending what seemed like hours on my bum knees my right knee has been talking trash to me big time. I wear a brace on it and have a slight hitch in my giddy-up as my grandfather used to say, but these past few days it has been much more pronounced. Nine years ago after an MRI my orthopedic doctor told me I had 80 year old knees in a 40 year old body. Today they feel like 150 year old knees. Now if you're good at math you can figure out how old I am.
Time's up! I can take these ookie things off of my teeth. As far as I'm concerned ookie is a word.


Kitten Herder said...

Ookie is definitely a word.

I enjoyed your hodge podge.