Tuesday, March 11, 2008


While reading the news on the Internet I came across this story about a person in Finland who returned a library book 100 years late. I can relate to that. I love to read and can spend hours in a bookstore or library. The problem with bookstores is that books these days are so damn expensive so it's a luxury to buy one. On the other hand, at the library you can borrow these books for free! Except it never turns out to be free for me since I never seem to get them back by the due date. Right now I think I owe about 10 bucks and change to my library. The most I've owed was $24. I know, stupid huh.


Nobody™ said...

LOL. I do that too! I consider my late fees a donation to the library.

Kitten Herder said...

I'm pretty self indulgent when it comes to books. These days, I buy a book used and then sell it on I usually don't make back what I spent, but I view the cost differential as a rental fee.

There's a really cool site that lets you 'buy' books for $9.95 with free shipping ( Cheaper than your fine!