Tuesday, March 04, 2008


A few months ago while grocery shopping in Wal-Mart, (a place I usually try to avoid but damn, they do have some good prices on some things) I happen to notice a product, (I can't remember what it was because I suffer from CRS disease, (can't remember shit) can you have parenthesis within parenthesis? Anyway, I was very surprised to see that the Spanish version came before the English version on the package. I thought wow, what's happening here? Often times up here in New York we have the French translation written on things being close to French speaking Canada but this was a first for me to see English in the smaller font and second to Spanish. I told my dad about it and he just sent me this video. Check it out. I haven't figured out how to put videos in my blog so I have just the link. Do I agree with it. Yes I do.


Craze said...

Amen Sistah! Ya know, I've been to Mexico and NO ONE thought twice about converting their home language from Spanish to English to accommodate me.

Sandi said...

I so totally agree with you on this!
IF I were to move to a foreign country.. no matter where.. I would most certainly learn their language and not EXPECT them to accodate me. After all I am in their country.
I don't know why it is expected here in the USA that we adjust.
I particularly like that quote by Theodore Roosevelt...
My opinion is.. if you move to MY country..then you learn the language and follow our laws and then you will have the PRIVILAGE of living here! :)

Sandi said...

*accomodate (heh it's early!)