Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good: It's the weekend.
The Bad: I'm getting another freaking cold. Just another in a long line of them since October.
The Good: I had filed a grievance with our health insurance company over some medical expenses that they denied coverage for and we got the news today that they have reversed their decision and will cover them. It pays to complain sometimes. While it was only for about 500. bucks it was a lot to us. I feel bad for others that have much worse medical bills that are not paid.
The Bad: I got a summons for jury duty today. Starting March 24 I am at their mercy for a week. I've paid my dues. I know it's a civic duty and all that jazz but honestly, leave me alone. I have been called for jury duty my fair share of times. This is my fifth time!! I've served twice on federal jury duty and that lasts for 3 months. I've been on an actual jury twice so lighten up. Go pick someone else. Like my husband, he would love to do it having never been on a jury before.
The Good: The new Stephen King book, Duma Key is finally getting good. I was beginning to think it was a bomb since nothing really scary or odd happened until page 421. I enjoy his books with my favorites being The Stand, Needful Things and It. If you like Stephen King, try reading Dean Koontz. They write somewhat similar stories in that some are scary, some are creepy and some are strange. Favorites that I would recommend by Koontz are Whispers, Phantoms, Odd Thomas and my favorite of all books, One Door Away From Heaven, a book that really touched me and a book that I cried at the end of because it was over.
The Bad: I'm getting another cold. Oh, I said that already. It sucks.
The Good: My husband is starting a business with his brother doing architctual drawings on auto cad. He got paid for his first job and we bought a flat panel high def TV for our bedroom to replace the ancient one we had.
The Bad: He has to spend a lot of time working on the aforementioned business at night after he works at his regular job during the day. At least I have a nice new TV to keep me company.
The Good: Our son had a nice time in Florida with his grandparents and finally arrived home safely after being delayed in JFK for 7 hours.
The Bad: Our dog Cody stinks but where do you give a 75 lb. dog a bath in the winter? Not outside with the hose.
The Ugly: I have another freaking cold!!!!!!!!


Sandi said...

I hesitate to even say it.. and am knocking on wood here..but I have not been sick all winter. Not sure if that is from the flu and pneumonia shots I got? or just sheer luck.
Good to hear that your insurance is paying that bill!

Nobody™ said...

I really liked Odd Thomas. I'm pretty sure I liked One Door Away From Heaven as well, if it's the book I'm thinking of, crippled girl with the drug addict freak of a mother... But The Stand has to be one of my favorite books, even though it kind of freaked me the hell out.

Craze said...

That sucks on getting another cold. I think I'm the only person who WANTS to be called for jury duty, but I never have! Woohoo on the insurance money, $500 is a lot of money!