Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cherry Bombs

I am a very curvaceous woman. I guess you can say I've got curves in all the right places. All my life I've been well endowed on top (and other places too) and it's been somewhat of a catch 22. While I can fill out jeans and a sweater pretty well, they also attract unwanted attention at times. But that's another story. Here's the the thing with being big busted; when eating, if something falls off of your fork it lands smack dab in the middle of your chest. Does it fall into your lap where you have your napkin? Noooooo. It has to land right on my boobs. I have ruined many a shirt this way. I'm certainly not a slob and am a slow eater, it's not like I'm steam shoveling it in. When I eat I am extra careful not to get any food on myself. Some people can eat and never get anything on them. I'm sorry to say, I'm not one of them.

We went out to eat on Friday evening with Sean's brother and wife. I wore a new white sweater that had a v-neck and some lacy bits around it. It shows just enough of the girls.We are sitting at a square table for four with Sean to my right. While eating my salad (and being extra careful because any salad dressing will stain, I was having honey mustard) I look down and notice some nice red splotches on my sweater! WTF! I wasn't eating anything red. I look closer and see a tomato seed. It seems that Sean was was having a battle while trying to spear a cherry tomato and it exploded. Did tomato guts land on him? NO. They squirt in my direction and landed on new white sweater. Long story short, the tomato lost it's battle and my sweater was collateral damage. I hope it washes out.


Kitten Herder said...

While I am not well endowed, I have a tendancy to advertise my meals via my shirt. My husband and I joke that I will have a taste for any entre with red sauce if I happen to be wearing a light colored shirt.

As to your stain, we have had great luck using the orange colored unscented Palmolive as a pre-soak. It's killed off tomato sauce stains, so maybe it'll work for you on the tomato stain.

Good luck.

Chelle said...

Oh girl..I can SO relate to this!! lol I've always had big boobs and have ruined many shirts because I've dropped some kind of food on it. Grrrrr. Kinda frustrating but hey,,,,what can ya do, eh?

Ya got 'em...flaunt 'em! lol