Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm not a Blond

I'm a red head, not a blond but I can have blond moments.
We got a new car in July, a Honda CRV. We traded in our Ford Explorer, a truck that I loved. We'd never had a vehicle that was that luxurious. The review mirror automatically changed when a car came up behind you at night. There were what they called puddle lights on the bottom of the sideview mirror that came on when you remotly unlocked the door. It had a compass, fog lights, power adjustable drivers seat, keyless entry, seperate climate control for the back seats and best of all it was a V6. Worse of all it got about 15 miles to the gallon.

The Honda has none of those accoutrements but gets better gas mileage and has a lower monthly payment. It's a nice vehicle, peppy enough. I like it but do miss somethings that I had on the truck. Well twice last week when I put it in gear or shall I say tried to put it in gear, the button you push in on the shifter wouldn't go in and I couldn't get it out of park.
The first time it happened I was in the garage trying to get it into reverse. Now I can walk to school, about a mile away from my house but I have to be there by 8:30 and when I drive I usually leave around 8:28. I tried shutting off the engine, starting it again, wouldn't go in gear. This went on for about 5 minutes. Finally I got it did and was just 5 minutes late. It's all good if I beat the students to the classroom.

Next time (a few days later) I was at the salon getting my eyebrows waxed. Came out to leave and damn if that Honda wouldn't shift into drive. I'm one of the few people in the world that don't have a cell phone so I had to use a public phone to call Sean. Do you know that it cost 50 cents to make a phone call now??!! Not to mention, they're gross. In my wallet I had a casino token from Niagara Falls, a Canadian dollar coin, some pennies and my magic stone that my son found on Ballston Beach in Cape Cod 17 years ago. (my father always told me to have a few dollars in my wallet but jeez, I never do). I went into the card store to see if they'd give me change for this Canadian coin. Which by the way is now worth as much as an American dollar. Well guess what, they wouldn't do it even when I told them I had car trouble and needed to make a phone call. Luckily my night in shining armor came to my rescue. The man behind me gave me 4 quarters to make the phone call. He said keep your dollar, take all 4 quarters, you might have to make another call.
So I called Sean who was on the way out the door headed for an after work happy hour. While waiting for him to arrive I'm thinking how I'm going to let the dealer know what a piece of crap their car is while they're to wing it away. Sean arrives, gets in, starts it up, puts it in drive. WTF?! Turns out with Honda's you have to have your foot on the brake in order for the shifter to go into gear. Who knew? For some reason twice this week I hadn't done that. Why all of a sudden? I don't remember doing that with any other car I've driven. Maybe I always have without realizing it. But why suddenly stop doing it?


Chelle said...

I drive a CRV! I love it!! Nope, it doesn't have some of the features my previous minivan (ack!) had...but I can do without some of that stuff anyway. I love my little car though! heh

Is yours a stick shift?? I assumed but I might have assumed incorrectly. I did, after reading this, go out to my car and try to change gears without my foot on the brake. Of course mine is an automatic and well...ya just do that anyway.....but I think we just get in and do all that stuff without even thinking of it that when we DO think about it we are kinda like...uhhhh what, have I always done this? lol

Ok..did that make ANY sense?? LOL It't eatly!! lol

Summer said...

Chelle, it's an automatic and I've never had this happen with any other car. Go figure

Chelle said...

I went out to my car and I tried to put it in gear without my foot on the brake. Didn't happen!! lol I think we just do it so unconsciously that when we think about it we are like WTF??? LOL

Kitten Herder said...

I'm not blond either, however we all have our moments. I've had my current car for a year. The gas tank is on the passenger side. The car I had before had it on the driver's side. Earlier this week, I needed gas an pulled up to the pump on the driver's side. Got out. Stared at the place where the gas tank should be and laughed at myself.

Go figure.