Monday, September 24, 2007

College Shopping

Number 2 son is a senior in high school and we've started the dreaded college search. Some parents find this fun and exciting. I don't. I find it stressful.

At this stage in the game he wants to be a teacher. A high school English teacher to be exact. The state I live in, New York, has very rigorous standards for the education of future teachers. Other states love NY certified teachers so our search will be confined to our state.

Number 2 is a bright kid, he scored 1440 on the SAT, has a 3.8 GPA and takes honors and AP classes. He has many universities from around the country interested in him. A persistent one is University of Southern California. Three thousand miles away and a mere $49,600 per year! WTF! Who has that kind money? Other schools interested in him are the U.S.military academies. The price is right, free, but they own you for a while. I'm not signing my baby over to the armed forces. As soon as he made Eagle Scout he heard from every branch of the military.

Big school? Small school? Private school or State school? His older brother goes to a large Division 1 school and is a serious student. Number 2 is a social butterfly and very laid back, what kind of school is right for him? I guess the only way to tell is to visit all kinds. He doesn't seem stressed so I guess I shouldn't be either.


Chelle said...

Oh the college hunt. We were lucky with our daughter, she knew she wanted to go to art school so that made it easy. Of course her going to school in Canada made it cheaper for us! lol (We are Canadian citizens so we pay the cheaper tuition).

I dont thnk we will be so lucky with the next 2, but we have 2 & 4 years left yet.

Good luck with the search and don't get TOO stressed about it. The "right" school will come along. :)