Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have developed an obsession for Tootsie Pops. I don't care for the chocolate ones or the new flavor (well new to me) lemon lime. But the other flavors, yummmmm. I've never been able to get to the tootsie roll inside without crunching. Some things I have no self control with.

I'm happy that the new TV season has started. I still enjoy Survivor, love Boston Legal and the dancing shows. Right now is Dancing with the Stars. If only I could dance, just a little. I have no rhythm at all. Believe me. Oh how I would love to have a body like the professional women have. Professional dancers I mean. Edyta Sliwinska. Hot. Tall with long legs. I drool over her and I'm not into ladies. But, is it my imagination or do the dancers both professional and stars seem very shiny and too tan?

This year in school I am working between fifth grade and kindergarten with most of my day with the little ones. What a difference between the 2 grades. I have to say I still see some of the kindergartner in the fifth grader at times. One nice thing about the kindergartners is they don't stink. Today the 5th graders ran the mile in P.E. in 90 degree heat. Right after that I had to work with them in science class. They were hot and sweaty. Usually its at the end of the school year they get ripe but today, I couldn't wait to get out of the room.

Also one of my kindergartners told me today that he got a bumblesting while waiting at the bus stop this morning. How cute is that? I love my job.


Kitten Herder said...

OK. How old were your sons before you could convince them that deodorant really was in their best interest? Mine is fourteen, and it is still a battle.

Summer said...

I guess with boys it's different. I couldn't get mine to shower regularly for what seemed forever but around age 15 it became important to them and the use of deodorant too! Now girls, when I was young so many moons ago I was always showering and washing my hair.