Sunday, September 09, 2007

Little Boy and Puppy Dog

Last week was the first week back to school. This is Number 2 son on the morning of his first day. He's a senior in high school this year and has a full schedule, no early arrival or early dismissal for him. He's taking 3 AP classes and several honors classes as well as driver ed.When I was in high school I was out of there by 10:30. You wouldn't catch me taking any extra classes if I didn't need to. While he's in high school, I'm back too in the elementary school, working in fifth grade and kindergarten. I have 157 names to learn. Yikes.

I'm a puppy aunt also!! My sister's family got a new puppy this weekend, a golden retriever. Her name is Maise and she is the cutest fur ball you ever saw. She's just 8 weeks old and has the soft puppy fur, sharp needle teeth and puppy smell.

They paid a lot of money for this dog and had a puppy fund for about 8 months to save for her. Whenever I went over or saw the kids I'd give them a few bucks for the puppy fund. This dog cost a cool one thousand dollars. Yes, I said $1,000. Thank goodness Cody only cost us 50 bucks.

Which leads me to this. I always thought that if the mother and father of a dog were of different breeds they were called mutts. Nobody paid much if anything for a mutt. When I look in the newspaper today I see dogs called Labradoodles $300. (Lab & Poodle) Goldendoodle $600. (Golden Retriever & Poodle) Chiwauzer $450. (Chihauahua & Schnauzer) Jug $200. (Jack Russell & Pug) In my day (don't I sound like an old grandmaw?) these were called mutts and you gave them away. Now they command big money. So I wonder if you breed a bulldog and a shih-tzu would you call it a Bullshit?


Kitten Herder said...

A bullshit!!! That's fantastic! I'm sure someone's already tried that cross at least once.

I watched this great show about dog breeding recently. Up until about two hundred years ago, there were no 'breeds' per se. This is all a modern phenomenon.

Most of the current hybrids of two 'breeds' are trying to achieve some combination of the best traits of the two breeds. However, there are still breeders out there that are crossing three and four breeds (over a couple of generations) trying to get a specific kind of dog (phsyically and behaviorly).

I'll bet in another fifty years they'll just do it all under a microscope.

BTW, CUTE CUTE puppy! (The lab's nice too.)