Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Vibrations

Today there was an article on Yahoo about phantom vibrations that people are having. I'm not talking about vibrations of the ghostly kind but rather vibrations from their Blackberry and/or cell phones. Read about it here. They actually feel a vibration where there isn't one. Similar to a person who has lost a leg but still feels leg pain.

I had a cell phone once. It was always on the kitchen counter. I never remembered to take it with me. It eventually became my #2 son's cell phone. I love lots of people and I'm pretty sure they love me too and I enjoy talking with them but do I need to speak with them immediately whenever and wherever I am? Ninety nine percent of the time, no. I sort of like the fact that I'm not connected at the hip to everyone I know. Sure there have been a few times I wish I had a cell phone, recently when I had car trouble and had to use a germ covered public telephone is one but not enough to go and get me one. I'm behind the times, still living in the '70's and I like it that way.

I have a calendar, it's on my wall. I have an address/phonebook, it's in a drawer. I have a phone, 4 actually in my house. If I need a reminder, I write a note. And test messaging, I don't have a clue, nor do I want one. I don't need all of this electronic stuff to make my life simpler. I know myself and I would end up frustrated with it all.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the advancement of science and technology, I'm just not good with it. I love my DVR (very similar to TEVO)

I like the fact that I don't have to answer a cell phone, I'm not crazy about answering my home telephone either. Peaceful and quiet, no one bothering me, heaven. Many times there is no TV or music on in my house. I'm not one that needs background noise. I'm in noise all day long. Some days I come home and I don't want to talk or be talked to. Comes from dealing with students all day long.

Speaking of Number 2 son, here he is at about age 16 months and his senior picture. I look at him everyday and am grateful for a healthy, smart, good looking child. How did I get so lucky? He has the most beautiful eyes, they're a combination of green, teal and aqua.


Kitten Herder said...

What a handsome devil!

I hear you regarding the home phone. We have caller ID, so we choose when we are going to answer it. We all have cell phones. However, we only give the number out to a VERY select few people. Mostly, they are for emergencies and for tracking down each other. (OK, my son's friends are constantly calling him, but that's another story.)

I used to have a Crackberry years ago. I am happy to be without it. I like IMing my friends, but I choose when I log into my IM.

I do like to occasionally be totally disconnected from everything. It's very sweet, indeed.