Friday, October 19, 2007

It's a Boy!

An interesting article in the news today about a woman having a child. That is certainly an everyday occurrence but what makes this case different is that the father of this child was a soldier killed in Iraq two years ago. Before Brian Smith left for Iraq he had some sperm frozen but not for the reason you may be thinking. Not because he and wife Kathleen were afraid he would die there but because but there were fertility issues and in-vitro would be they way they'd eventually conceive. This article stated that other men were freezing their sperm in advance of going to war due to all of the chemicals they would be exposed to.

The unthinkable happened, Smith was killed and Mrs. Smith was now a war widow. She made the decision to try and have her husband's baby after his death. After all, they had planned to have a child before our president sucked this country into this debacle (my opinion, not hers and let me say for all to see, I support out troops wholeheartedly. My nephew served in Iraq with the 100st Airborne and came home safely. I have the utmost respect for anyone who joins the armed service and those who have layed/laid down their life for this country.)

While one can never really know what they would do in this situation, I'm pretty sure I would have done the same thing. How lucky for her to have a child with the man she loved, the man who also wanted this child. Unfortunately Brian Smith is gone but his spirit lives on in young Benton.

Now of course there are those that don't agree with Kathleen Smith's decision and they have the right. Some may bring up the fact that Benton will be one more fatherless child. Yes, that's true but I can't imagine a more loved child than he. What upset me in this article and prompted this post is the remark from this coward. I copy/pasted right from the article:

A medical professor at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Washington, who asked not to be named, agreed women who seek to have their late husband's baby are a rarity, and expressed doubt as to whether it was a good idea.
"It's very uncommon. And I don't think it's a good thing, or that it will become more common," he said.
"The problem is regret -- regret is high for those women," he said. "What happens when she meets someone else?"
"The other question is ethical: the guy hadn't planned to die so he didn't say you could use his sperm," the doctor said.

I'd ask to be anonymous too if I said that. REGRET? I know many divorced women who have children. The ex husband may be a bum but NEVER have they expressed any regrets about having their children. One girlfriend says the only good thing to come out of her marriage was havng her children. I know there are women out there that regret their children when it comes to catching a new man, Susan Smith, (no relation), comes to mind and I know that many men want a women without "baggage". I would like to believe that most women think of their children first and foremost. Would most women regret their child when they found someone new?? This women loved her husband, this was their life plan. Yes, he said she could use his sperm when he had it frozen. Not only that but this isn't anyone else's business!! I don't see how he could judge the situation like that.

I don't know, please tell me this isn't how most men would feel.

Kathleen Smith and her 15 mo. old son, Benton.

Okay, rant over. I plan on having a nice relaxing weekend and I hope you do to. :)


Slick said...

The so called professor is an idiot, plain and simple.

Kitten Herder said...

Hooray for Mrs Smith! A tough choice for her and none of that idiot's business.