Sunday, April 18, 2010

There's this volcano in Iceland...

I watched SNL last night and their opening bit was a skit with Kristin Wigg as the Icelandic singer Bjork. She was being interviewed by "Larry King". Well just click here to watch it for yourself. It make me laugh.
As did this cartoon from our newspaper. I've listened to the pronunciation of this volcano and don't understand it and read it phonetically and still can't say it.
But in all seriousness, I feel bad for all affected by the ash, the stranded travellers and the economic fallout to mention a few. But most of all I feel for the animals that live in the area of the volcano. What about the people who live there you may wonder, don't you feel bad for them? Certainly I do, their homes are covered in ash and their possessions ruined. I can't imagine the clean up involved. As for the people that stayed and didn't evacuate; well yes, they're living in virtual hell right now but why didn't they LEAVE? Rescue crews went in to get them and they had to be rescued themselves. By staying not only do they place their own lives in jeopardy but the very lives of those who go in after them. Similar to people who choose to ride out hurricanes rather than evacuate.
The animals couldn't be evacuated. Horses, livestock and the poor swans are swimming in ash covered water. Please take a minute and watch this. We joke about it because we're not living it. Eventually the ash will circle the globe and we'll all feel the effects to one extent or another.


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