Monday, April 12, 2010

People of Wegmans

One online site I visit regularly is People of Walmart. I'm always amazed that people go out in public looking the way they do. We have WalMarts in my town and I always have my camera with me but somehow never see any of those beauties that show up on that site. BUT...
Having my camera with me finally paid off although not at WalMart. We happen to be in Wegman's, a chain of grocery stores here and as it was we were in the more upscale store. Imagine my surprise when I saw this...
I couldn't believe it. A guy with real metal armor on his leather jacket. Totally out of the blue in a store where you see people in fur coats shopping for groceries.
He stopped at the Indian food bar and I couldn't resist snapping a picture. I had to do it fast and I sort of felt bad doing it. My son said he'd probably pose if you asked him and he'd tell us all about the world he lives in but I couldn't ask. My other son felt right at home since he see weird outfits in NYC all the time.