Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pay it Forward

I'm not a fan of golf. I have no interest in playing or watching it. I sometimes watch The Masters because of the beauty of the course with the flowering trees and grounds. Other than that, it's too slow. (I grew up as a rink rat and hockey's my game. That sport makes everything look slow) Hubby plays golf in a league and almost every week he comes home and complains about his game. I see his frustration and ask "why do you play it then?" For me, if it's frustrating, forget it, I have no interest at all. I hate the feeling of frustration.
What makes me write about golf today? I read a story (read it here) about professional golfer Phil Mickelson. His wife and his mother are both suffering from cancer and being treated by the same physician, Doctor Tom Buchholz of Houston's M.D. Anderson Center. Over the weekend at a PGA event, The Shell Houston Open, Mickelson invited Dr. Buchholz and some other medical staff to said tournament. With three holes left Mickelson was out of contention so he asked Drl Buchholz if he would like to caddy for him.

I thought this was a very uplifting story. I seldom read the comments on stories but decided to read more than a few on this one. I'd say that of the comments I read 95% were positive. But you know there are always a few who have to piss all over things. One commenter called Mickelson unprofessional. Another said it was strategic and fake. Someone asked how it made the doctor look, as in he was asked to be a slave to carry his bag. Still another said the doctor didn't deserve it, he makes millions off the sick. Some guy wondered why Mickelson would even bother asking the doctor.

People, lighten up. I don't know how it was unprofessional, if it was a problem some PGA official would've been all over it. Do you really think the doctor took the gesture to caddy as some form of degredation? As far as making millions, I'm not sure many doctors make millions anymore and if they could save the life of my loved one they deserve every penny. As far as asking the doctor to caddy, for me, if someone is doing something or taking care of someone I love I would want to show them any kind of thanks that I could and I thought this was perfect for Dr. Buchholz.

Tiger could learn a little about character from Phil.