Tuesday, April 06, 2010

No Pretty Pictures Today

Why are some people so inconsiderate of others around them? Why are they so rude when they don't have to be? Why do they act like it's all about them? I wondered that twice today.
Case number one~ Public restrooms; I try to avoid them at all costs but sometimes nature has other ideas. Today I was in JC Penny at a nice mall when I used the ladies room. Do they leave their own bathroom like this, with toilet paper all over the floor and pee on the seat? I open a stall and see that someone, to put it bluntly has left their shit unflushed. Now of course I could go in, flush the toilet and use it myself but for some reason I just can't. I open another stall and see another women and I use the term loosely has not flushed and she's riding the crimson tide. GROSS. Just flush the freakin' toilet because I can't.
Case number two~People that throw things out of their car. That's littering but this went beyond that. We come out of the grocery store and I see that someone has thrown the contents of a cup of something out into the lot, not just on the asphalt but all over the side of my car door. Now in all honesty I sometimes will empty the ice out of a drink into the parking lot but I throw the cup away. As hubby pulls out of the parking space we see two Coke cans that were under our car. The world would be much more pleasant if people didn't behave like animals. Oh but wait, animals don't foul their own nest.
Okay, rant over.