Sunday, May 02, 2010

I still love NY

I love to visit New York City and have been there many times. It's a vibrant, exciting, and historical place. You can get anything you want there; Broadway shows, museums, beautiful architecture, shopping and learn about our country's early history. That being said, I want my son to move out of New York City! I don't care if he doesn't move back to his hometown, I just want him gone from NYC. For heaven's sake he has an emergency backpack ready to go with essentials in his apartment in case of evacuation. I realize that things like this can happen anywhere these days but damn if NYC isn't the target most often. In another thwarted attack someone tried to explode a car bomb last night in Times Square. Read about it here.
Why do the crazies of the world love NYC so much? I get that its very populated and I guess they feel they'll get the most bang for their buck (no pun intended). My son and his girlfriend never go to Times Square but that doesn't ease my mind. They do take the subway into Manhattan for work, actually Kevin has to take three trains to get to the hospital. I know for a fact that they were in Manhattan last night down in the financial district.
If you've ever been to Times Square you know it NEVER looks like this. It's constantly clogged with traffic and pedestrians. I'll still continue to visit the Big Apple but in a shout out to my first born, pack up you and your gf and get the hell out of dodge.