Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mother Nature

Part One


Mother Nature can be very beautiful but also very cruel. I feel bad for the people of the Philippines. The country received a month's worth of rain in 12 hours causing widespread flooding and destruction. Garbage has clogged the storm drains adding to it. At one time the capital, Manila was 80% underwater. While a few places are still underwater most are now covered in a thick sticky mud. People have been left homeless after their houses were swept away as well as members of their family. There are reports of looting and there's sewage in the streets which has fouled the fresh drinking water sources. People are searching for dry clothes, food and water and a place to stay. Electricity is out and the medical centers at one time (don't know about now) were shut down. The fear of disease is spreading. Unfortunately another storm is approaching.


Part Two

My oldest son is in a serious relationship with a Filipino woman. She was born in America but all of her extended family live in the Philippines. Her parents and two brothers live in NYC. We love her and think of her as the daughter we never had.


Part Three

For the last 6 months the two of them have been making arrangements for a once in a lifetime trip to the Philippines. After a 16 hour non stop flight from NYC to Hong Kong and another few hours to Manila, the plan is to spend 3 days in Manila, then travel to some outlaying areas to visit her family and introduce Kevin to them. They will end the trip with a week at a beach resort. They leave October 10. Right after this once in a lifetime storm has blown through. I've been on the fence about this trip from the beginning. The Philippines are not the safest of places for Americans and my son will stick out like a sore thumb, a tall, white, bald guy. I have their itenerary as well as the phone numbers of hotels and her family and was starting to feel comfortable but now this. I'm worried that they will be stranded without a hotel or running water or electricity. I'm worried that they've saved for this trip for so long and now they're going into an area that's been declared a "state of calamity". I've espressed my concerns to my son and I think he'd tolerating me. His girlfriend has emailed family and friends asking about conditions and we're waiting for some response.


It's not easy being a mother sometimes. No matter how old your child is you still worry; I want them to have a wonderful time but am concerned that the conditions are less than favorable.


Here's some of the places they're staying.

L'Fisher Hotel

Renaissance Hotel


Kitten Herder said...

There is nothing wrong with being concerned for your son and his trip. I hope her relatives can alleviate some of those concerns.

FYI, I saw this photo and thought you would really like it:

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