Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How Rude!

The world seems to be becoming more rude, boorish, graceless, coarse, inconsiderate and selfish. Take for instance in just the last few weeks we've had government official Rep. Joe Wilson call the President a liar, Serena Williams have a temper tantrum with her tennis racket then proceed to scream threats and obscenities at an official, Kanye West steals the limelight from Taylor Swift and some nutcase fan paints the score and an obscenity on the front lawn of cornerback Leodis McKelvin of the Buffalo Bills after he fumbled the ball that lead to defeat by the Patriots.
Is this kind of behavior becoming fashionable? I hope not for the sake of humankind. I understand that people get upset and blurt out these faux pas but come on, control your impulses. We teach this in my elementary school. Stop. Think. Act. We have bully prevention programs and monthly words to learn such as empathy, respect and self esteem to name a few.
Maybe I'm a pollyanna to want the world to be a kind, tolerant, respectful place but come on people, it's not all about you and your wants and desires.

On that note I'm so pleased that Jordan won Big Brother 11. I understand that BB is a game but it's renewed my faith that there are kind, guileless, honest, genuine people out there who can come out on top. Jordan won by a vote of 5 to 2 over Natalie who lied, schemed, sold out, back stabbed and chewed with her mouth open as well as talked with her mouth full. That drove me crazy, can you tell?

Natalie attached herself to whoever was in power, didn't try in competitions and lied constantly. I will admit the Natalie and Kevin's lie to Jeff was brilliant and it's part of the game but Jordan for the most part remained true to herself, was sweet and friendly, somewhat ditsy at times but was kind to all.

I'm looking forward to Big Brother 12 and wish I didn't have to wait until next summer. This year I subscribed to the live feed and was totally hooked on it. Thank goodness I have the summer off. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now.

One last thing, how classy was it of Beyonce to have Taylor Swift come back on stage to have her moment. We need more of those kinds of people.

Humankind; be both