Tuesday, September 22, 2009

As the Beach Boys sang; Be True To Your School

I attended a large suburban high school that educated students from two towns. One town was pretty rural, my town was typical suburban. My graduating class of '76 had over 850 kids in it!
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Today I live about 15 minutes away from my old neighborhood and high school so our kids didn't attend it. I work in the school district that has the high school they did go to. The high school just completed two years worth of major renovations inside and out.
My school tax $$$$ at work.

New bleachers for the football field. I hated the old ones. They were open and you could see the ground below not to mention drop stuff down there.

Press box and locker rooms for both home and away teams.

But the biggest improvement was the football field itself. It is now artificial turf.
Here I am on the field trying to channel my inner cheerleader. I do my cheering from the stands just like I did in my high school days.