Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busy as a...

I love my garden but this time of the year it starts to look a little ragged. Many of my perennials have finished blooming like day lilies, bee balm and cone flower. My black and blue salvia is pooping out, something is eating my hosta and my petunias are leggy. The only things doing well right now are my brown eyed Susans, zinnias and trumpet vine. I haven't seen my little hummingbird in at least a week. But what are very active in the garden are bees and wasps.
This one was a granddaddy.
It was getting cool out one evening and this bee would be spending the night on a zinnia.

What an over-achiever, covered in so much pollen that he could hardly fly. I bet all the other bees dislike him because he makes them look bad. Every night I pluck the dead flowers off the trumpet vine and the bees don't seem to care, they just ignore me. The other day I was outside minding my own business talking on the phone when a bee made a sneak attack from behind and stung me on the back of my leg. Go figure.


Kitten Herder said...

You really do take great pictures.