Thursday, July 31, 2008


Dara Torres. Have you seen this woman? At age 41 she will be swimming in her fifth Olympics! I hope she does well for herself and on behalf of all of us "older" women. Imagine competing with all those sweet young things. The average age on the US swim team is 22 years old. What strikes me about her is her body. OMG. I've never seen abs like that on a woman except body builders and they look like men. Many female swimmers have huge shoulders and arms. Torres just looks very toned.

While Torres doesn't have any curves or softness to her body, look at those muscles!

I've enjoyed the Olympics since I was a kid, the winter games more than the summer ones. In 1972 I saved all the newspaper articles about the Munich tragedy. In school one of my sons took a sports lit class and he brought them in to share. I also saved newspapers and magazines from 1980 when the men's hockey team won the gold medal. I'm a geek like that I guess. Big events; I save the newspaper. I come by it honestly though, my great grandmother saved the paper when the Titanic sank. Today it's very brittle and fragile.


Gman said...

you know, Id be afraid to go out with this gal. If she decided to play a game of naked twister with you, you had better comply or you are a pretzel!