Saturday, July 05, 2008

5th of July

We had an enjoyable 4th of July, hope you did too. Our town did a wonderful job with the fireworks as usual. The show lasted 30 minutes and the finale was breathtaking with the noise and color explosions. I only have 2 complaints, let's call them observations, that's sounds nicer.

First up; why do people bring their dogs to crowded events? There were mobs of people at the park and here come people with dogs. You have to be careful not to trip over the animals or their leashes. Then of course some people don't clean up when their little darling goes poo along the way. This can't be fun for the dogs especially when the fireworks actually start. I've never had a dog that wasn't nervous hearing the booming even from a distance. We have an annual arts festival here, one of the largest in the country and I see dogs here also. It's always a scorching hot weekend jammed packed with humanity and again, here come people with their dog. The poor things, the pavement is scorching, their tongues are hanging out, they can't be happy. Wouldn't it be better to leave them home snoozing in the shade of a tree? Even strollers with little kids I'm amazed at. It's no fun being dragged along to a sweltering event, at eye level with whatever things people are carrying in their hands not to mention cigarettes. Please leave them home with a babysitter or let daddy take care of them. Don't get me started on people that say, "oh, their father is babysitting them today" oh no he's not. He's doing his part as a responsible parent, taking care of a child he took part in creating.

Second; people on scooters. This is going to sound really mean but I can't help it. Here goes... If you can only get around by scooter, please don't go to these kinds of events. It's too crowded and I've never met a polite scooter user. They just plow through and heavens, you better get out of their way because they have the right of way in their mind anyway. I honestly feel bad for people on scooters most of the time but geez, accept the fact that there are some places that you just cannot go. Everyone has a right to be there but use common sense. Stay on the fringes, not in the heart of the shoulder to shoulder crowd. One woman's scooter had headlights and taillights on it and a freaking horn which she used. I know I shouldn't be so hard on them and hey, maybe someday I'll have to join their ranks with my bum knees (please, I hope not) but I'm going to try and remember I can't do everything. Now here's my feelings about people that use those mart-carts at the grocery store. This is just my observation but 95% of the time these people weigh over 350 pounds. Of course it must be hard to walk but if they walked it might help keep them more mobile and maybe help to loose some poundage.

Reading this back it sounds like I'm uber-bitchy today but really, I'm not. I happen to be a dog lover, a baby lover and an old person lover. Just putting my opinion out there like a Leo does and if you saw yourself in this post and were upset well...

Yes, I'm a Leo and all that goes with it. More about that later.


Anonymous said...

you don't sound bitchy.. you just say what some of the rest of us think and don't say:)
I agree..especially about the dogs!

Kitten Herder said...

I'm in total agreement with your observations.

My own peeve is when fathers say that they're 'babysitting' their kids while their wives are out doing something. Um ... Baloney!!! It's called PARENTING, Jerk Wad.

Breathing deeply now... Ah, so much better.