Sunday, July 20, 2008


Today marks the 39th anniversary of the first lunar landing. I remember exactly where I was when it happened. We were on vacation at a cottage on the St. Lawrence River and I was 10 years old. Someone had brought a small black and white television and all were gathered around it holding our breath. During my elementary school years when something the teachers deemed important the school would gather in the cafeteria and a big television would be brought in for us to watch it unfold. What I remember mostly seeing was the splashdown and recovery of space capsules. ( Evidently our principal was a baseball fan though because we got to watch the final games of the world series. Baseball was played at night at very few parks.) Many important events in history are debated by conspiracy theorists and this was one of them. Think Roswell and the JFK assignation.
Do you remember years ago a train call the
Freedom Train? This train pulled by 3 refurbished steam engines traveled the country with displays of American history aboard. You walked through the cars and looked at the different historical items. In 1976, the year of our country's bicentennial, the year I graduated from high school, the train came to my town and I went to take a look. I loved it and went through twice. What I remember most of all was seeing an actual moon rock. I've never doubted that we went to the moon several times but there are people out there that believe that it was all a hoax. Check out this website, it has lots of information and you can make up your own mind what to believe.


Slick said...

I was just a thought when the lunar landing happened :p

I don't remember that train but it seriously looks cool...I'd love to operate it!!

Craze said...

I was 3 when the lunar landing happened so I don't have any particular thoughts on that! :) I would LOVE to have gone on the Freedome train! What? People actually think that man on the moon is a hoax? Crazy!

Kitten Herder said...

There are loads of crazy people out there. The Holocaust deniers are the ones that yank my chain. Millions of people are systematically killed, and there were survivors and physical evidence. But, there are people who say its a Jewish conspiracy to gain power, that the numbers are way overblown or that it really didn't happen at all. Nice. ... Nut jobs.

Anonymous said...

umm where was I? fresh out of the womb! Barely named too. Thank goodness Armstrong was first and not aldrin! Gman