Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Friday

There is an annoying traffic light that I encounter about 20 times a week. It's not at an intersection but at the entrance to a plaza. In this plaza is the grocery store that seems like I frequent constantly. Almost every time I go somewhere I have to drive by said plaza and 90% of the time I hit the light red. Here's the annoying part. On my frequent trips to the grocery store, when I'm leaving said plaza I hit the light red. Now what are the odds of that. No matter which way I'm going I get the light red. It's not fair.

If you don't want to or can't take the time to have flowers in your garden for heaven's sake don't put fake ones in it. Don't have a flower garden at all. No matter how "real" these flowers look, take it from me, it looks tacky.

I love Brazil nuts. They're the hardest ones to crack and get the nut out whole.

Today I actually saw a driver using hand signals when he turned!!!

There is a senior citizens complex right near my house and I often go for walks over there. Today I met a nice old guy named Bill, age 80. He chatted me up for almost 30 minutes. Maybe it was my cleavage.


tornwordo said...

Maybe, or maybe you're a nice lady to talk to. Have a nice weekend.

Craze said...

I hate red lights! You are so right, fake flowers are tacky. Never underestimate the power of cleavage!

fishnetluvr said...

I think it was your personality and smile!!!!

Anonymous said...

umm what was the question again. I must have gotten distracted by something