Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Party's Over

My four day birthday extravaganza has come to an end.

Day one: some pampering with a spa pedicure

Day two: lunch with 2 girlfriends at a restaurant on Lake Ontario

Day three: my actual birthday and a lunch cruise on Canandaigua Lake with the men in my life. Dinner at my parents house that evening, stuffed pork chops and twice baked potatoes.

Day four: a party at my sister's house.

My 50th birthday tiara. My niece will wear it for her 13th in November then my younger sister will don it in two years for her 50th. Finally three years after that my youngest sister will wear it for hers. Yes, I'm the oldest of three sisters. I must say that my forehead is not that wrinkly, it's just the way I'm looking at the camera!
It's been very hectic here at my house. Kevin went to NYC with his future roommate to look for an apartment. It came down to the wire but they found a place in Queens.
Now, here comes the stressful part. This is what he needs.

1,125 for his half of security deposit
1,125 half of the broker fee
1,125 half of August's rent
$3,375 due August 1

Plus he has to have money for living expenses for the month of August since he doesn't start working until Aug. 11. The kid has 75 bucks to his name right now. Oy vey. We have to clean out every account we have plus go into some of Cam's college money. Kevin will be paying us back but slowly at first. I think I need a second job.

I knew he was moving but this just seemed to sneak up on us. He'll be out of the house, it won't be like he's away at school and will be home on the many breaks that he seemed to have. He 'll be out on his own, starting his life as an adult. As a parent this is what you prepare your children for, to be independent and an asset to society. He's worth every penny.

Flower pictures today from my garden. Flowers are one of my favorite things in life.


Craze said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday week. The flowers are beautiful! Kids can be spendy huh? And it gets worse the older they get. But they are worth every penny of it. He's lucky to have such great, supportive parents.

Avitable said...

Happy belated birthday!

Gman said...

Well, like I said he had a Good life coach. Some of us wern't as fortunate or we chose not to be coachable products, but you did a darn good job. Very happy for you.....

tornwordo said...

Sounds like you had a very memorable *milestone* birthday. Happy happy!

Too bad he didn't want to go to school in Montreal. You can get a furnished bachelor for 500 everything included up here. No fee, no deposits allowed either.

Kitten Herder said...

Sounds like a blast. I want to make a tiara for a young friend of mine. She deserves it (for both good reasons and bad) ... it is just SO her.

Read the Sweet Potato Queens books. Everyone should have a tiara!